Who we are:

The Charity League of Birmingham, Inc. is a Non-Profit Service Organization serving the hearing and speech impaired children of Alabama.

Since its formation in 1959, TCL has provided over 200,000 volunteer hours and has raised over $2.5 million to support hearing and speech impaired children in Alabama.


Our Mission

The Charity League is a diverse group of women dedicated to supporting speech and hearing impaired children of Alabama through volunteerism, fundraising and scholarships.


Our Members

TCL is a diverse group of dynamic women from all walks of life. We are Volunteers, Artists, Business Owners, Homemakers, Architects, Teachers, Nurses, Realtors, Lawyers, Psychologists, Decorators, Engineers and Leaders. We are young, not-so-young, single, married, moms and married-without-children.

While we come from many different walks of life and live throughout the Birmingham area and beyond, we share a common commitment:

to improve the quality of life in our community.



Million Dollars Raised

thanks to donations and fundraisers. 100% of the funds TCL receives are used to benefit our programs and partners.



years supporting the community

by creating educational, medical, and scholarship programs for hearing and speech impaired children throughout Alabama.



volunteer hours served

at Children's Hospital, the EPIC School, Mitchell's Place, and other hearing & speech impaired community events.


“When I joined The Charity League, I thought this was a great way to give back to the community, have fun and meet new people. My view of this organization changed as these women supported me and loved when I gave birth to my first son, Duke, and again later, when I brought Duke to the ENT at Children’s South because his speech was not on track. We walked into The Charity League Speech & Hearing Center and sat in a dark room with lots of sounds and flashing lights, and realized our son couldn’t hear as well as he should. While we had the fortune of being able to correct our son’s hearing with tubes, this experience gave me a glimpse into the fear and vulnerability of a parent being told their child cannot hear.

To be a member of this organization is a privilege. To work with and support these families in their journey is an honor.”

-Elizabeth M.

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